Updated January 5, 2024
Customer Experience:  Customer experience is crucial to us. Whether you are an individual, a retailer, or a health or sports professional, we present policies that allow you to shop, purchase, and enjoy our products and services efficiently and effortlessly. Your personal data and financial transactions are managed confidentially and securely, as our privacy policy describes.

Our Canadian activities are limited to Canada:
  • Health Canada or other Canadian authorities have authorized products marketed and sold by MotionLIfe in Canada. Labels and packaging meet Canadian requirements.
  • MotionLife's Canadian website only processes Canadian accounts and orders from Canadian accounts with a physical address and business activity in Canada if it is a business account.
  • No deliveries are made outside of Canada by MotionLIfe, its customers, and partners.
  • Business accounts cannot export MotionLife products outside of Canada and resell MotionLife products to another business account unless the latter is authorized in writing by MotionLife, e.g., a wholesale
Opening and managing accounts:
  • For individuals: Opening your account with identification and password is done during your first order. Once your account is open, you can access it online anytime.
  • For business accounts:  Do it online. Once donewe will immediately confirm your request by email. Within 24 hours, we validate your account opening by email, giving you access to the products, prices, and purchase conditions. Invoices or receipts are sent by email.
Prices, promotions, transactions, and purchase conditions:
  • For individuals: Prices before taxes and promotions are displayed on the online store. Secure payments for purchases are made online with a credit card or PayPal.
  • For business accounts: 
  • Your price before taxes and buying conditions are shown in your business account.  
  • Transactions and accounts are managed by QuickBooks.
  • Orders are safely paid online with a credit card or PayPal from your Car, or, Interact at  before shipping unless your account indicates otherwise.
  • Payments are made immediately and before shipping when placing your order or after receiving your invoice unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  • Modifications: MotionLife may change its prices and promotions at any time without notice unless there is a written agreement with Business Accounts.
Orders, deliveries, and Shipping fees:
  • Shipping conditions: Deliveries are made by our transporters according to the requirements of each product list.
  • Tracing of deliveries Tracing is available online. Make sure you include your email address in your Account.
  • For individuals, MotionLife pays order preparation and delivery costs to individuals for orders equal to or greater than $45.00 before taxes and promotions. Otherwise, the delivery charge per order is $5.00.
  • For Business Accounts: MotionLife pays order preparation fees and delivery fees f for orders over $390.00 before taxes and promotions. Otherwise, the delivery charge is $25.00 for Retailers and $10.00 for Professionals (Clinics, Gyms, Coaches, etc)
  • Delivery costs and taxes: Your delivery costs and taxes are displayed on your order and invoice.
 Orders by telephone, email, or fax:
  • We strongly encourage using our digital platform to optimize the accuracy and speed of processing your orders. The second best option would be by email or digital fax. 
  • To avoid errors and delays, orders by telephone or fax are not accepted. If this is an issue, please contact us.
Delivery time and conditions:
  • Orders received before noon are delivered the same day. Otherwise, the order is delivered the next day. Please allow 1 to 4 days for delivery depending on your postal code.
  • MotionLife cannot be held responsible for delivery time and conditions under which products are delivered. However, we know it is important to you. We take the necessary reasonable measures with our partners to meet your expectations.
  • For home deliveries, deliveries will be made by Canada Post. If you are absent, a box will be left at your door, indicating the pick-up address for your package.

 Return and cancellation or modification of an order:

  • For individuals: The sale is final. We do not accept any returns unless the product was damaged in transit.
  • For business accounts: Contact MotionLife as soon as possible. We will do everything to accommodate you. If authorized, the customer must pay the transport costs of the products according to the conditions indicated on the product label. A credit based on the amount paid to purchase the products will be applied to your future purchases. MotionLife will issue no refunds.
  •  Modification of an order: You can modify an order as long as MotionLife has not processed your order.
  •  Damaged Products: If one or more products were damaged during delivery, please get in touch with MotionLife no later than five (5) days after receipt of the products. After this deadline, we will unfortunately not be able to process your request. Replacement is not automatic. MotionLife evaluates each case before making its decision. If your request is accepted, MotionLife will issue a credit on future purchases equal to the amount paid.
  Always a pleasure to help you by phone at 1-800-471-2533, or by email at Our website is