Ice Power Therapeutic Sports Spray

Ice Power Therapeutic
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Say hello to the newest member of the Ice Power Therapeutic family.

Perfect for Cooling Down after sports. Facilitates relaxation, Wellness, recovery, and prevention of soft tissue injuries. Easy and quick to cover a large area without using your fingers. 

Combine it with the Gel or Roll-On Gel to recover 2X FASTER ACCELERATE recovery following sports.1,2

A GAME-CHANGER in Sports Medicine from Finland.
Proven Cryotherapy + Safe + Effective + Convenient than ice, cold splints, or cold water machines.

DOUBLE ACTION therapy: RELIEVES symptoms (pain, stiffness, loss of mobility) + ACTIVATES HEALING of soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, and tendons) traumatized by sports or other injuries, and demanding workouts.2

  • Natural L-Menthol gel with a unique and proven formulation.1.2 million
  • Only gel with an efficacy and safety study published in the prestigious American Journal of Sports Medicine.1
  • Only gel with a blank paper (based on 20 studies, clinical experience, and user surveys) on cryotherapy best practices written and reviewed by two experts, an internationally renowned physiatrist and a doctor of kinesiology, University of Montreal.2
  • Recover 2X FASTER from an injury.1,2 
  • ACCELERATE your muscle recovery after intense athletic efforts.
  • CONVENIENT: Apply in 20s and go. Effective over 75m. Gentle on the skin. Doesn't stain. Non-greasy.
Go to Ice Power TherapeuticDiscover, among other things, the clinical study, the white paper that revolutionizes cryotherapy practices, testimonies from health and sports professionals, and the advice of a boxing champion on recovery.

Download our new unique product monograph Natural Health Product from Health Canada, September 2023 and our proof of safety.

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