Ice Power Therapeutic Gel

Ice Power Therapeutic
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A GAME-CHANGER in Sports Medicine from Finland.
Proven Cryotherapy + Safe + Effective + Convenient than ice, cold sleeves, or cold water machines.

DOUBLE THERAPEUTIC ACTION: RELIEVES symptoms (pain, stiffness, loss of mobility) + ACTIVATES HEALING of soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, and tendons) traumatized by sports or other injuries and demanding workouts.

  • Natural L-Menthol gel 3.5% with a unique and proven formulation.1,2
  • Only gel with an efficacy and safety study published in the prestigious American Journal of Sports Medicine.1
  • Only gel with a blank paper (based on 20 studies, clinical experience, and user surveys on cryotherapy best practices written and reviewed by two experts, an internationally renowned physiatrist and a doctor of kinesiology, Université de Montréal.
  • Recover 2X FASTER from injury.1,2
  • ACCELERATE your muscle recovery after intense athletic efforts.2
  • CONVENIENT: Apply in 20s and go. Effective over 75m. Gentle on the skin. Doesn't stain. Non-greasy.
Go to Ice Power TherapeuticDiscover, among other things, the clinical study, the white paper that revolutionizes cryotherapy practices, testimonials from health and sports professionals, and the advice of a boxing champion on recovery.

Download our new unique product monograph Natural Health Product from Health Canada, September 2023 and our proof of safety. 

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